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RE: [Xen-devel] RE: New Release Process

> I think it would be better if we incorporate them one by one, 
> not them together on the _same_ day (I doubt you are doing 
> that, though), because we can debug effectively focusing on 
> fewer problems. For example, 1. hvm, 2. sanity testing (a day 
> or two), 3. 2.6.15 or 2.6.16-rcX

Normally I'd totally agree, but these changes are actually quite
orthogonal: hvm basically touches just xen, and the linux tree upgrade
is self contained. Those doing hvm testing could carry on using a 2.6.12
dom0 kernel from this week, just to keep things isolated.

Whether we should go straight to 2.6.16-rc1, or whether we should go via
2.6.12-subarchxen and 2.6.15 is less clear. 2.6.12-subarch and 2.6.15
both seem pretty stable on 32b, but x86_64 needs more testing. I'd
certainly be inclined to check-in each of those trees, even if we didn't
let them mature at the tip for very long. People could then at least
roll-back for 'binary chop' purposes.



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