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Re: [Xen-devel] MacBook Pro Yonah (Intel Core Duo)

> MacRumor says Yonah will have (or already has?) the Intel Virtualization
> Technology. But the engineer did not reveal whether it is true.

It's certainly in the silicon.  But it needs for Intel to enable it, and for 
there to be a compatible BIOS.  I think the latter two are still in doubt...  
It'll definitely be enabled in later Yonahs though.

> Some people tried to work Windows XP over Xen/i386 3.0 by using the image
> file of Qemu, but they reported it is not stable.

Depends what revision of 3.0 you use.  There are fixes and improvements all 
the time in the -unstable branch.  VT support is still maturing, but it does 
run test suites stably under XP these days.  Performance optimisation and 
fixing some corner cases is still ongoing.


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