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Re: [Xen-devel] xen 3 dom0 eats memory

Hey Keir!
I used the network-bridge-script to setup the (xen-) networking,
set up ip on xenbr0.
Then I startet domU.
After that I added masquerading to eth0.

Possibly you can sidestep the whole issue, and end up with faster and simpler networking setup in dom0, by not using network-bridge and vif-bridge scripts at all. Instead make your own (much much simpler) scripts to set up NAT.
I found another odd thing regarding the vif-interfaces that my has something to do with the problem mentioned before:
I have a high rate of dropped tx packets on all vif's except for vif 0.0.

As mentioned before, the config without eth0->peth0 renaming and without vif for dom0 and the rest of the vif's in the bridge works well.


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