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Re: [Xen-devel] xen 3 dom0 eats memory

Keir Fraser schrieb:
> On 4 Jan 2006, at 15:35, Patrick Scharrenberg wrote:
>>>>> Is the gateway address for domU the net B address interface you add
>>>>> to the bridge?
>>>> Yes that right, i forgot to mention that.
>>>> I have one official address on dom0 eth0 and a privat class B network
>>>> for the domU's.
>>>> The address used on the bridge is from this private network and the
>>>> gateway for the domU's
>>> What interface do you attach the domU gateway address to?
>> it's the xen-bridge-interface where I set the domU gateway address.
> I can't repro the problem. My setup is that the domU vif is the only
> interface I attach to the bridge (eth0 is not attached). I give the
> bridge address, enable IP forwarding, and set up IP
> masquerade on eth0. I set domU IP address to 10.0.02 gw and
> disable transmit checksumming.  I then did a TCP bulk transfer to an
> external host (a few million packets) and observed no memory leak in
> domain 0.
Hmm.. thats strange, since I did nothing special.

Here once more what I did, maybe (hopefully) we misunderstood:

eth0 has my internet ip address.

I used the network-bridge-script to setup the (xen-) networking,
set up ip on xenbr0.
Then I startet domU.
After that I added masquerading to eth0.

I have the following interfaces in the bridge: peth0, vif0.0, vif1.0

I'm using debian sarge as os. Maybe they set something special in their

It is a test-machine, so i can give you the root-pw, if nothing helps.


>  -- Keir
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