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Re: [Xen-devel] block-nbd script and example config

Ian Pratt wrote:

Find attached the block-nbd script (in /etc/xen/scripts/) and an example config file. The block-nbd script is based on the -enbd one. They have been used successfully in the Xen Tutorial at Linux Kongress.

disk = [ 'nbd: 20004,hda1,w' ]

I think having the space in the export device name is just a little too
nauseating :-)

Could we make the script take ip:port and then turn the ':' into a space
when invoking nbdclient?

On this subject, I think it would be less confusing if we configured
disks using a syntax more akin to that which we use for networking e.g.:

disks = [ 'export=phy:/dev/sda1, target=/dev/sda1, options=rw',
          'export=phy:/dev/vg/my_usr, target=/dev/sdb1, options=ro' ]

I know its late in the day to be making changes like this, but it
doesn't hurt to canvass opinion...

Great idea, I think it will be much cleaner and reduce the
inevitable configuration errors..


I'd also do away with all the fancy stuff we have to build the command
line and just have a single command line variable that we assemble
everything in to within the config file. The current magic just makes
things more confusing.


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