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[Xen-devel] USB virt 2.6 status

Summary (since last status):

Implemented complete enumeration of usb xend backend interface state

Ported most of 2.4 back-end functionality to 2.6 back-end with the
exception of support for isochronous transfers.

Resumed testing (incomplete) 2.6 front-end against 2.6 back-end.
Currently the initial get descriptor request fails in the 2.6 back-end
as it did against the 2.4 back-end.

Still to do:

Unknown amount of testing/handling of USB protocol requests (e.g failing
get descriptor request) in the back-end to make it work.

Finish porting remaining 2.4 code for back and front-ends for
isochronous transfers etc.

Sync up with latest xend rewrite and latest unstable (my snapshot is a
couple of months old now).

Create and submit patch.

Testing of different USB device types.

2.6/2.4 interoperability.

Testing of multiple back-ends/multiple front ends/multiple devices etc.

Testing on SMP guests?

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