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RE: [Xen-devel] Xen repository

> > cogito (the renamed git) looks pretty 'raw' at the moment. I did of 
> > playing around with mercurial last night and was impressed with how 
> > much functionality it has in just 2k lines of python.
> > 
> > One option is to just have a public CVS repo, and then everyone can 
> > use whatever SCM tool they prefer as pretty much everything has an 
> > 'import from CVS' feature. The only dowsnide to this is CVS's 
> > inability to represent the current branch structure.
> >  
> how about using subversion instead of CVS?

If we go down this interim route I think I'd rather have plain CVS as
the 'lingua franca'. 

> one drawback of using Mercurial is that it is not that 
> stable. as far as i know, nobody is using it now (?). so it 
> is pretty risky to use Mercurial as a long term solution for Xen.

I'm wasn't proposing it as the soloution, I just see it as one of the
most promising candidates for the future. 


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