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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] reiserfs module for pygrub

> > Please can you add something to the tools/check directory 
> that checks 
> > the appropriate headers are installed.
> yes, that is easy.
> >Also, at runtime, are there
> > issues with libraries being present? 
> what kind of issues do you want to mention?

Well, what happens if you build the tools on a box that does have the
reiserfs header files and shared libraries, but then try running them on
a box without.

The desired behaviour would be that the tools work fine until you try to
access a reiserfs partition, whereupon they report an error gracefully.

Undesirable behaviour would be refusing to run at all, or crashing if
presented with a resierfs patition.

> >Can you load the library
> > dynamically if required?
> >
> i dont understand why you want to load libs "dynamically"?

To be able to work without the reiserfs present we may need to load it
dynamically. (same for ext3, but that's more widely installed).


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