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Re: FW: [Xen-devel] Creating domain crashes xend with the latest xenunstable tree

Li Ge wrote:
Here are some more information :

1. Yes. The problem is reproducible. But the weird thing is if I start xend using" xend trace_start", the problem goes away and I can get the new domain created. I've tried both "xend start" and "xend trace_start" a couple of times. It always works with "xend trace_start" but not with "xend start".
2. The domain config file: /(See attached file: xen-sarge.config)/
3: /var/log/xend.log file: /(See attached file: xend.log)/
4. The /var/log/xend.trace file is quite big (2+MB), so I am not putting it here. If you still think it might help, I can send it to you.

The xend.log appears to be of a restarted xend.
Is it the log including the initial domain create?

Could you send the xend.trace direct to me?
Don't copy the list as it's so big.



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