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Re: [Xen-devel] linux/arch/xen/i386 or linux/arch/i386/xen

* Mark Williamson (mark.williamson@xxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> > Hmmm... kinda ugly.  The right place for the (non-driver)
> > files is probably in a top-level "xen" directory, but I'll
> Well...  Most of the things that would end up under drivers/xen would be a 
> bit 
> driver like" anyhow...  Things like the console, the control interface... 
> There's nothing stopping grant tables, kexec, some event channel stuff, etc 
> going in there too.  It does seem a bit "backwards" but I guess all those 
> things are "drivers" in some sense...

Yeah, and the primary point is to eliminate as much copied code as
possible (at arch level).  So drivers/xen is closest fit (and not
entirely w/out precedence).

> > bet it would take a very long lkml discussion to make that
> > happen.
> Heh, I'd love to see the fight that ensued if someone suggested that at this 
> point :-)  Maybe one day...

Heh ;-)


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