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Re: [Xen-devel] Xenophilia Release

> Ease of use is the big benefit of a specialized distribution.  We're
> planning on adding kickstart support using the udeb's that Ubuntu wrote
> that will allow for quick mass installations though.

Cool!  It's nice to see Xen supported in as many distros as possible.

Are you planning to submit any patches back to the core Debian distribution?

> Currently it talks via Xend's http interface.  We have been thinking
> implenting a new protocol that has some ideas of state though as this
> would make for a much more user friendly experience.

You may find it worth discussing this on xen-devel since there are various 
tools changes underway.

Note also that there is (I think) an "event server" in Xend that can notify 
your client when changes occur.

As a random related point: one thing that'd be cool is to have a VMWare style 
persistent notion of a "virtual machine", eg. "Debian Test box", "FreeBSD 
development", etc....  The tools would remember where the config for that 
machine was and whether there's a currently suspended image of that machine 
that should be resumed on launch.  You'd then selected that VM out of a list 
and just say "start this".  Have you thought about this?


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