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Re: [Xen-devel] Xenophilia Release

Michael McCabe wrote:

Xenophilia is a Debian derivative Linux distribution that is based
around Xen.  Laura is currently in an alpha state and is under heavy
development.  It's not considered stable and It may eat your system and
then start doing bad things. If it breaks please file a bug here.
My first question is why create a specialized distribution? Is there any direct benefit other than ease of use?

In addition to a Linux distribution we currently have gXenophilia, which
is in a rough alpha form.  gXenophilia is a pyGtk based administration
application that talks http.  Screenshots are available
http://cosi.clarkson.edu/xen/screenshots/ .
This is neat! Can you explain the "talks http" a little more? Does it communicate with remote Xend's via Xend's HTTP interface or does it export it's own management protocol via http?

Documentation is available at http://cosi.clarkson.edu/xen/docs.html
Bugs can be reported at http://cosi.clarkson.edu/xen/bugs/main_page.php
Downloads are available at
Great work!  Look forward to seeing more about it in the future...


Anthony Liguori

Mike McCabe

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