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Re: [Xen-devel] changeset 1.1403 breaks previous xm behaviour

> Is twisted *evil*?
> I thought I read something about wanting to get away from it, but is
> there a particular reason?

Xend has to deal with *loads* of different kinds of events (admin socket 
connections, console data demux, device control messages...).  Twisted gives 
us an infrastructure for dealing with these in a non-threaded way.  It also 
gives some nifty things like an HTTP server, etc...

The new approach is to use language-level threads instead.  This makes certain 
things easier to follow, since you can have a thread for each logical stream 
of events.

Twisted has some nice features but we won't really need it once we move to the 
threaded model.  It's a shame to lose the HTTP server but the new Xend will 
include a minimal HTTP server in Python, which will be fine for our needs.


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