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Re: [Xen-devel] Xeno-unstable crashing at boot

> > OK, I tried again with a fresh bk pull and those debug 
> > statements added.
> > I get the same crash, see below. The machine is a 
> > dual-processor xeon (cpuinfo attached). I tried the same 
> > build on another machine
> > (cpuinfo2) and it was OK, so it appears hardware related.
> What hardware is the problem machine? It has an impresively long list of
> ACPI table entries. Since the code being executed is the native Linux
> code it's surprising that it's having problems. 
> Please can you try using a DEBUG=y build of Xen, and then adding
> show_guest_stack earlier in the failure path.


# cd xen-unstable.bk/xen 
# make debug=y 

btw (i.e. "debug" is case sensitive). 



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