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Re: [Xen-devel] Distribution Support

On Sat, 2005-05-14 at 17:33, Andrew Thompson wrote:
> I just saw that someone had updated the "Distribution Support" page on 
> the wiki, and wanted to add a few comments. But, since I'm not an 
> Engineer, an Advanced Xen user, or a Developer, I didn't think I would 
> really qualify.

Useful information from any category of Xen user is equally welcome. If
you are not entirely confident about something you add just annotate the
comment to say so.

I've added a couple of comments to that page to note the configurations
you describe. If there were any special steps you had to take, or
problems you encountered then please edit the page, or follow up on the
list and I'll add.



> I have Xen running as a Dom0 on a gentoo install. That is a fresh 
> install to a new partition.
> I am also running my original slackware partition as a DomU. I haven't 
> figured out how to do a fresh Slackware install without rebooting the 
> box off of a CD. (Any pointers appreciated.)
> I have also unzipped a Gentoo stage3 install and brought that up as a 
> DomU on this box. After setting up the networking support, it worked 
> just fine.

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