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[Xen-devel] xc_domain_getfullinfo() gone

I noticed this was gone from libxc. Would there be any objection to adding xc_domain_get_vcpu_info? I am interested in querying the cpu_time for each vcpu for a utility that does something like:


cpu[ util] domN-vcpuM[util]...domY-vcpuZ[util]
------------ --------------------------------------
cpu0[075.4] dom0-vcpu0[000.3] dom1-vcpu1[075.1]
cpu1[083.7] dom1-vcpu2[083.7]
cpu2[069.2] dom1-vcpu3[069.2]
cpu3[075.9] dom1-vcpu0[075.9]
                                                   < time interval>
cpu0[100.0] dom0-vcpu0[000.5] dom1-vcpu1[099.5]
cpu1[099.8] dom1-vcpu2[099.8]
cpu2[099.8] dom1-vcpu3[099.8]
cpu3[099.8] dom1-vcpu0[099.8]

cpu0[100.0] dom0-vcpu0[000.3] dom1-vcpu1[099.7]
cpu1[099.7] dom1-vcpu2[099.7]
cpu2[099.7] dom1-vcpu3[099.7]
cpu3[099.7] dom1-vcpu0[099.7]

cpu0[100.0] dom0-vcpu0[000.6] dom1-vcpu1[099.4]
cpu1[099.7] dom1-vcpu2[099.7]
cpu2[099.7] dom1-vcpu3[099.7]
cpu3[101.4] dom1-vcpu0[101.4]

And while we're on this subject, I wanted to track, per phys cpu, exec_domain context switches, and store this as ctx_switches in schedule_data struct. I believe tracking context switches would be a good stat to have, for example, to expose problems like high domU traffic networking on one cpu system. Any objection to this or suggestions?



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