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Re: [Xen-devel] kernel panic with ipv6 in Xen

Ian Pratt wrote on 09/05/05 05:44:
We have a kernel panic on boot under xen when loading the ipv6 module which was resolved by mounting the device under dom0 and moving the ipv6 module out of the way. Is this a known problem? Is it likely to be a xen issue? An ipv6 issue? PEBCAK?

Interesting. Does anyone use ipv6 with Xen? I can't say I've ever tried.

Yep, works fine. I was able to run a radvd in dom0, bound to xen-br0, which gave the domUs global addresses, and dom0 acted as a v6 router fine.

(the box's main LAN interface, eth0, wasn't bound to the bridge, so I didn't end up being a radvd for the entire LAN)

Is this bug easy to reproduce?

Take a box running 2.0.5/2.6.10-xen0 that still has an old 2.6.9-xenU kernel lying around, and a domU that has the old 2.6.9-xenU modules available and boot the domU on 2.6.9.

i.e., take a 2.0.3 box, upgrade to 2.0.5, and forget to update your domUs' module trees and xm configs :)

I seem to remember this happening on previous upgrades, too. Unfortunately I don't have the box available right now to test things.


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