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[Xen-devel] trying to trace xm create


  I am trying ro trace and study a run of "xm create xmexample1" ,
after modifying xmexample1 a bit (to use ttylinux,etc).

  I have  xen-2.0-testing.
  The stack I can see (by adding printing messages) is :
main (xm/create.py)
    calling make_domain()                         (xm/create.py )
    calling server.xend_domain_create() (xm/create.py )
    xendRequest ()                                       (XendProtocol.py)

where url.location is localhost:8000 and method is POST an op=create

As can be seen here there is here a HTTP  request.

I am getting the error:
Error: Error creating domain: vbd: Segment not found: uname=file:/work/downloads/ttylinux

I don't want to solve the problem (not at least at this stage) ; I want to trace it's origin in the code. So my question is : Where does this http request being sent to ? (where is the HTTP server - is
it the SrvDaemon from under xend/server ? )
And more important: where does this create domain request reach ? I assume it does reach a "C" code and I assume it reaches xc_domain_create() method from tools\ libxc\xc_domain.c ; am I right ?



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