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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Interdomain comms

On 7 May 2005, at 17:15, Ronald G. Minnich wrote:

this is not in my view germane. We're proposing using 9p as the low level interdomain protocol for xen. 9p stands alone from plan 9. Both Eric and I have felt for some time that this would work well, and I'm pretty strongly convinced that it would work better than what we have now for the various

Isn't 9p a file transfer protocol, or is that just one aspect of it? At the very lowest level it doesn't appear so different from what we have now (multiple oustanding request messages, each with a different tag that is echoed in the asynchronous response message); but the next level up seems to be defined in terms of walking a hierarchical file system, obtaining handles on files, and so on. To me that doesn't sound obviously applicable to our inter-driver communications.

 -- Keir

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