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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Interdomain comms

On Sat, 7 May 2005, Harry Butterworth wrote:
> A significant difference between Plan 9 and Xen which is relevant to
> this discussion is that Plan 9 is designed to construct a single shared
> environment from multiple physical machines whereas Xen is designed to
> partition a single physical machine into multiple isolated environments.

this is not in my view germane. We're proposing using 9p as the low level 
interdomain protocol for xen. 9p stands alone from plan 9. Both Eric and I 
have felt for some time that this would work well, and I'm pretty strongly 
convinced that it would work better than what we have now for the various 

Your 1000 machine example is very interesting, however. I do know that 
some folks who worked on the IBM hypervisor had a lot of concerns about 
the page flipping done in the xen network FE/BE drivers, and I wonder if 
their concerns would apply to your proposed implementation -- I wish we 
could find a way to hear from them. 



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