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[Xen-devel] Big xend bug!

While working on another bug I ran head long into an issue with xend.
When running LTP Test Suite (ltp.sf.net) simultaneously on both Dom0 & a
virtual domain.

Not going to get a chance to debug till Tuesday, I wanted to see if
others on the list could easily reproduce this on there machines. It
takes a while to get the machine in this state, because you need to wait
while LTP runs.

Here are some of my notes:

Running with Xen-unstable Feb 24, 2005
Running ltp-full-20050207
on IBM Netvista model# 8305g (Pentium 4 2.GHZ)

Case 1: Dom0 run ltp with NO virtual Domains

Case 2: Just Dom1 (vitual Domain) run ltp

Case 3: Dom0 & Dom1 both running LTP simultaneously
        First Run:
        - console to virtual domain hung, virtual domain still can be
reached via ssh
        - xend totally crashed
                - can't restart or get status from it xm

        - When I hit a key to got from the virtual console I got the
        sleepython:Objects/obmalloc.o:580:PyObject_Malloc: Assertio
'bp != ((void*)0)' failed.

        - run "xm console 1"
          (111, 'Console refused')
           ERROR: Error connecting to xend, is xend running?

        - On Dom0 shutdown -h or -r does not work.
        - On Dom0 only "reboot -f" will work.

Jerone Young
Open Virtualization
IBM Linux Technology Center
512-838-1157 (T/L: 678-1157)

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