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Re: [Xen-devel] Crash

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Keir Fraser wrote:

| After writing my previosu email I've concluded that, even if we fix
|  cli/sti instructions, there are other arch-dependencies that are
| much harder for us to handle automatically, or even with static
| rewriting of the driver binary.
| Really, since you are building this driver from source, the correct
|  course of action is to find why it compiled against i386 rather
| than xen architecture. It is probably something really simple:
| e.g., did you build the driver while in native Linuxt and only
| after hat reboot into XenLinux? If you know how, taking a look at
| the compiler command line and Makefiles will probably make it
| fairly obvious how to make the driver look at arch/xen rather than
| arch/i386.
| -- Keir
ok I do the following steps:
compile a kernel linux-2.6.10-xen0 and use it both for dom0 and domU
than after run a domU I get the source of linux-2.6.10-xen0 tree into
/usr/src/linux-2.6.10 (getting also linux-2.6.10-xen-sparse and
putting it in the same dir of the source (so no broken links))
after doing this I compiled my driver against this source
I check the source tree of the module but there aren't no explicit
reference to i386
~    Marco
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