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Re: [Xen-devel] Crash

On 25 Feb 2005, at 07:59, visik7 wrote:

I understand.
I'm running xen stable 2.0.4 but I'm planning to upgrade to unstable
if it solves my problem, the question is
how much unstable is 'unstable', I mean for a production system.
still one thing: the first oops occured while apt-get install cvs on
domain1 then no modprobe or access to the zaptel driver,
what happened ?
I ask you this 'couse I'm totally incompetent about reading an oops or
debugging a problem like this
thank you


After writing my previosu email I've concluded that, even if we fix cli/sti instructions, there are other arch-dependencies that are much harder for us to handle automatically, or even with static rewriting of the driver binary.

Really, since you are building this driver from source, the correct course of action is to find why it compiled against i386 rather than xen architecture. It is probably something really simple: e.g., did you build the driver while in native Linux and only after that reboot into XenLinux? If you know how, taking a look at the compiler command line and Makefiles will probably make it fairly obvious how to make the driver look at arch/xen rather than arch/i386.

 -- Keir

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