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Re: [Xen-devel] Proposal for init/kexec/hotplug format for Xen

Anthony Liguori wrote

> The way I envision this working is to have a persistent store in 
> user-space on a priviledged domain that exported within it's tree the OF 
> device-tree.

Keir and I briefly discussed the idea of putting the persistent store
into a fault-tolerant domain to avoid it becoming a single point of
failure for clustered systems.

I think something along these lines is the right way to go for the long

In the near term, if the rest of the system is architected such that
fault-tolerant domains can be introduced transparently (for example by
ensuring, amongst other things, that the API exposed to driver authors
for the FE-BE inter-domain communication interface is compatible with an
alternative network transparent implementation so you don't have to
rewrite all the drivers ;-) then the domain running the persistent store
can be upgraded with fault-tolerance in the future.

Harry Butterworth <harry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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