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Re: [Xen-devel] happy happy happy

Robin Green wrote:
I am probably barking up the wrong tree, but did you use a file-backed device (i.e. file: instead of phys: in the xen conf file) for any of your reiserfs partitions? I have heard from multiple sources that journalled filesystems (and that includes ext3) do not play well with file-backed mounts (although with User Mode Linux it is said to work OK if the host writes to the file using O_SYNC).

nope.  raid1 -> lvm2 managed partitions -> filesystem

reasonably ordinary, reasonably vanilla stuff that just doesn't want to work right (auto detection of raid failed, LVM and raid array creation in wrong order)

right now, if I were to bark up the wrong tree, I would get a mouthful of acorns...



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