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Re: [Xen-devel] Memory limits?

>Mark Williamson <maw48@xxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb am 22.02.05 00:04:10:
>>How much memory can I assign to each guest:
>>* not more than physical memory in the machine?
>Yes, Xen doesn't do swapping.  If swapping is needed, the guests should be 
>configured to do it themselves.
>> * not more than physical memory minus memory used by dom0 and other doms?
>Correct.  Bear in mind Xen uses some memory too.

Are there any plans on implementing swapping? It's really comfortable to start 
multiple guests with more memory than actually installed in the machine to have 
it available in case they need it (without manually tweaking something during 
the systems already run). That's one of the features I really like in VMWare 


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