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RE: [Xen-devel] Floating Point Exception when compiling w/ gcc


> Hi, 
> I've received twice a floating point exception on a different 
> virtual machines 
> during compilation. The first time it was with mysql, the 
> second - kernel 
> 2.6.0. After I ran "make" again the compilation finished 
> without problems. 
> I'm using Xen 2.0.4 build from sources on kernel 2.6.10 
> installed on standard 
> slackware 9.1. The machine is PIII w/ 512MB ram running 4 VM, 
> each with 64MB 
> ram. The two errors happened on different VM. 
> Could this be some Xen issue? 

It's not totally impossible... 
Are you running an Xserver? What modules does it have loaded?
Are you using the default kernel config?
Please can you confirm this is a PIII and not an Athlon.


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