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Re: [Xen-devel] Some general questions

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>> -- Is there a way to use the whole RAM,
> You can use the whole RAM, but Xen needs a little for it's own.

And I thought it would only use the 128M given via grub. I'll try xm info
and doublecheck that.

>> -- Possibly there are much better solutions than using disk
>> partitions.  What I need is a possibility to backup the domains, i.e.
>> via cron. Is there a way to create backups of a running/live domain?
> You should not mount the disks of a running domain on domain0. You can
> use LVM with snapshots to do this.

I'm aware I shouldn't do this. I was just trying it on this testing
machine  and for backup-purpose I was only reading from it. But of course,
I'm searching for a live backup solution in a productive environment.

>> After starting the domains, I thought I could mount the partition into a
>> backup directory, save the data and unmount it again (so nobody would
>> write external data to the machine) but xen seems to store file changes
>> in memory only.
> Xen does NOT store file changes in memory only.

As previously stated, that was only for testing. I came to that conclusion
after mounting a domain1 in dom0 and creating a file from within the
I couldn't see that file in dom0, only after shutting/reloading the domain1

>> - - I'd prefer having kernel without loadable module support but need
>> different support for my client kernels. Is there a way to tell during `
>> `make` that I need a kernel for my vpn-system in domain1 and another
>> kernel for my samba-server and so on? And can I have any type of kernel
>> on my VMs, i.e. 2.6.10 for the dom0, 2.6.9 for domain1 and 2.4.10
>> running domain2?
> You can manualy apply the xen patch and than configure as many domU
> kernels as you like. Even different versions, as long as xen supports
> them.

Ok, I got to check what this patch is (and where I find it ;)) and see if
I'm able to built any needed custom (domU) kernels. Just in case, is there
a place where I can find more information about that?

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