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[Xen-devel] Some general questions

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Hi list,

I fetched the xen-2.0.4 source for installation and let it built 2.6.10
kernels and setup some domains to understand and test xen for my needs.

I'm not too familiar with LVM so I decided to start with harddrive
partitions for my domains.

Hardware: 1024MB RAM, hda for Domain-0 and hdb for the virtual machines.

dom0 is started with 128MB running the statically compiled 2.6.10-xen0

I created two systems on hdb1 and hdb3 via debootstrap (using Woody),
configured and unmounted them later for usage with xen.
I wanted to setup a Domain1 with 512MB RAM and Domain2 with the
remaining 384MB but one of the machines didn't start due to lack of free
memory, with the following message:
Error: Error creating domain: (12, 'Cannot allocate memory')

After starting the domains, I thought I could mount the partition into a
backup directory, save the data and unmount it again (so nobody would
write external data to the machine) but xen seems to store file changes
in memory only.

My questions:
- - Is there a way to use the whole RAM, if not, how much of the memory
can be used for the domains? It seems I can only use approximately 384MB
per domain (or 512 and 256).
- - Possibly there are much better solutions than using disk partitions.
What I need is a possibility to backup the domains, i.e. via cron. Is
there a way to create backups of a running/live domain?
- - I'd prefer having kernel without loadable module support but need
different support for my client kernels. Is there a way to tell during `
`make` that I need a kernel for my vpn-system in domain1 and another
kernel for my samba-server and so on? And can I have any type of kernel
on my VMs, i.e. 2.6.10 for the dom0, 2.6.9 for domain1 and 2.4.10
running domain2?

Thanks in advance for any help.


P.S. Almost forgot that: I also didn't find an explanation for the
different states of a VM (r----, -b--- and so on). What states do exist
and what do they mean? Maybe anyone could tell me where I can find that.
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