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Re: [Xen-devel] organizing virtual machines

> There are really two other solutions that I know of.  Either some sort
> of content-addressable storage based file system (like Plan9's Venti)
> which would provide an optimum storage scenario (although at a
> performance/complexity cost) or some sort of Copy-On-Write filesystem or
> block device.

Someone in Cambridge was working on a CoW NFS server at one stage.  I'm not 
sure what happened to it (although in any case, you wouldn't want it for IO 
intensive filesystems).

> LVM snapshots has been suggested a COW mechanism.

I think LVM snapshots have proved not to be as well suited as people would 

I'm currently working on a shared-memory based filesystem for Xen virtual 
machines.  It should (eventually) give very decent IO performance.  At some 
stage, it would be nice to add filesystem-level functionality too.


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