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Re: [Xen-devel] organizing virtual machines

Eric S. Johansson wrote:

just want to make sure I'm understanding things correctly.

Every virtual machine must have effectively two partitions. The first being a root partition containing all of the system executables and configuration files as well as the usual /var, /tmp, etc. The second being storage for your application/user.

I imagine one could make a single partition to hold both of these sets of information but that's not the wisest choice. my preference would also be to put /var on the data partition.

The best setup for me has been a shared, read only /usr, and a seperate "/" for each of my domains. I use ferdora3 as my base for these filesystems. The shared /usr is about 2 GB and the / is about 100 MB each. When creating domains for testing, I use lvm to carve up a second disk, 2GB logical volume for /usr, and the rest of the disk is divided into logical volumes equalling the number of domains I need. This has worked pretty well for me so far, and I have been able to create over 50 domains on one system. Now, I haven't exaclty done much with 50 domains yet, but they all do at least boot.

-Andrew Theurer

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