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[Xen-devel] Full Shadow Mode and phys_to_machine_mapping

I'm trying to figure out how full shadow mode is implemented; I
understand that this only works with VMX support at the moment.  The
phys_to_machine_mapping function is giving me a bit of trouble.

This function seems to be used to look up an entry in the PFN-to-MFN
mapping table, which as I understand it for full shadow mode should be
maintained by Xen instead of the domain.  This table can be up to 4 MB
in size.  __phys_to_machine_mapping is set to point at the per-domain
virtual memory area.  Isn't this area already used for per-domain
GDT/LDT mappings, leaving no room for the PFN-to-MFN table?  I haven't
been able to find where in the code the PFN-to-MFN table is ever
initialized, either.  What am I missing?

--Michael Vrable

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