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[Xen-devel] xen, OpenMosix + pretty gui = virtual iron killer


  I was at Linux World today and stopped by the Virtual Iron booth.  Could this
be a copy of xen technology?   Virtual Iron appears to be a combination of xen
and open mosix technology.  Has anyone tried running xen on an Open Mosix
cluster?  With the new Infiniband hardware out I bet we could build an 
cluster.  I can test with low end hardware for now, I don't have the $$$ to buy
two dell poweredge 6600 series servers and some Infiniband equipment.  But I can
build a 2 node AMD cluster with a gigibit interconnect for test.  

  I kind of confronted the sales engineer at LinuxWorld and asked, "hey does
this products' roots from Xen and OpenMosix?" The attendant got pretty angry and
said "If Xen used Open Mosix to come up with a competing soultion they would
sue!"  What a jerk! This  company has no clue what open source is about!
I say, as a community, lets do it!  If we can get true virtualization on the
hardware so we can be OS agnostic that would be even better.

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