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Re: [Xen-devel] adding more than one disk.

Ronald G. Minnich wrote:

If I set up my xen file as follows:
disk = [ 'phy:loop0,loop0,w', 'phy:loop1,loop1,w']

I realize I should USTL but it seemed to me I should expect blkif changed messages for each vbd. I'm only getting the messages once.
i.e. I see this:
===========> blkif_status_change to 1
===========> blkif_status_change to 2
===========> evtchn for blkif is 3
====> enable disk interrupt
=========> controller connected
For the first disk, and that's it. Shouldn't I see two of these sets of messages, one for each disk?
Unliked netif devices, there is only one blkif device (that is one blk_handle) for all of your vbds within a domain. There is also only one event channel (again, this is different than netif devices). I'm not sure if there are scenarios where you would have multiple blkif devices...

Is my expectation wrong or is something else going on that I missed?
Is there some sort of problem with Plan9? What exact is happening? The above statements are for Linux. I don't know if things are somehow different under Plan9..


p.s. I actually now have two plan 9/xen users out there ... 2 more than I had a month ago. So a month ago there was one, now 3 ... at this rate we should take over the planet in no time.
Is there an image of Plan9 somewhere? I'm currently rebuilding my main machine and would love to throw a copy of it in the mix and be #4 :-)

Anthony Liguori

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