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[Xen-devel] New to Xen: Can Xen Work with OpenMosix?

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this question.  In that event,
please point me in the right direction.

My question is whether or not I can use Xen with OpenMosix.  The upshot of what
I'm attempting to do is this:

1. Build a two to four node cluster using OpenMosix for "raw horsepower"
2. Use Xen on the OpenMosix cluster to divide the "raw horsepower" any way that
I need it

I am specifically interested in setting up two or more Xen Domains for full
desktop utilization over VNC with Fedora Core 3.  I would then use the rest of
the system for various internal servers: DNS, HTTP, DHCP, Icecast (streaming
media), MySQL, and the like.  The main goals in clustering + paravirtualization
would be:

a. High availability (HA)
b. HA and session portability for the desktop domains (using the -live option)
c. High performance compute power (thanks to clustering)

However, seeing that both OpenMosix and Xen modify the host kernel, I am not
certain that this will work at the host system level.  I'm also not sure if
using multiple Xen systems and attempting to cluster the Xen guest systems would
work either.

Any info I can get regarding this will also help me make a decision on how I
will upgrade my current system (a standard SMP PII 450 system running Redhat 9
for desktop via VNC).  I am currently thinking of setting up a cluster of two to
four AMD Athlon 64 systems.  But, if clustering won't work, I might consider a
two way Opteron system once those become more readily available.

George Lenzer

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