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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: mini-os for Xen2

Keir Fraser wrote:
xm gives the world's most unhelpful error messages. You may well find
a more useful message hidden away in /var/log/xend[-debug].log as
comes straight from the domain builder in libxc.

My guess woul dbe that you do not have a '__xen_guest' section in your
Elf image. Look at the top of
linux-2.6.10-xen-sparse/arch/xen/i386/kernel/head.S for an example of
how to specify one.

The new vm-tools that were just announced will probably be easier to use for this kind of debugging than xn/xend. Also, I used to re-create the HYPERVISOR_console_write syscall, and configure Xen to allow unpriv domains to write to the serial console. I think the new HYPERVISOR_console_io syscall can be convinced to do the same thing.

In my xen tarball at http://www.diku.dk/~jacobg/self-migration/ you can find the source of 'mstrap' which is very much like mini-os, but perhaps a little more up to date. The network driver is not working in Xen2, but the elf-image should at least load using the recent tools.


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