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Re: [Xen-devel] trying to get a domU to manage lvm pvs (SUCCESS)

Christian Limpach wrote:

It was actually the import which named ide devices slightly different

than the normal ide driver and lvm has hard coded table of device
names and ignores all other devices.  I've fixed this now in
xen-2.0-testing and xen-unstable.  It should work with the version you
have, if you export your pv's to a sd device in domU (sda7 instead of

Wonderful. Thank you thank you thank you. :)

I tried the switch to sda and that does indeed work fine (I'll try the fix for hda soon). More importantly, it works perfectly with the more complex scenario I was attempting which was to export 3 raid5 md devices which are the actual pvs for the vg that I want managed by the domU.

My disk setup now looks like this:
disk = [ 'phy:xen_vg/fileserver,hda1,w',

I have my dom0 entirely on md0 (raid1), with its swap on md1(raid1). I have a number of xenU's, each occupying a lv on a raid5 backed vg (xen_vg above), with each of them having swap space allocated on a another raid1 backed vg (xen_swap_vg above), and then 3 raid fives that collectively make up the vg that my "fileserver" xenU manages.

Initial testing says that it works flawlessly. Woo hoo.


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