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[Xen-devel] trying to get a domU to manage lvm pvs

I'm trying to have a domU run lvm and manage one vg, a few pvs, and lots of lvs without the dom0 having any role in the situation.

To simplify things as much as possible, I set up a test with one pv, that is recognized as such by the dom0, and I'm using the same dom0 kernel for my domU.

I did the following:
* pvcreate /dev/hda6 from dom0, and verified that pvscan showed it
* I then explicitly excluded it in dom0's lvm filter, and verified that pvscan did not see it
* I added an entry ('phy:hda6,hda6,w') to the domU's  disk configuration
* started the domU
* did a "dd if=/dev/hda6 | less" and saw that the device existed and contained information indication it was a pv. * copied the exact lvm.conf that I was using in dom0 before adding the hda6 exclusion
* restarted lvm (and later rebooted the domU just to be certain)
* did a pvscan and pvdisplay /dev/hda6, both of which claimed to not see anything * tried to redo the pvcreate from within the domU and got the message: "/dev/hda6: Couldn't find device. Check your filters?" (triple checked the filters)
* noted that /etc/lvm/.cache consistently is getting filled with:
instead of the specific device(s) that I am handing off to the domU. The dom0 lvm cache contains none of those entries.

Any suggestions?

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