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Re: [Xen-devel] accessing a char device in xenU

Sorry for my late comment on this email ...
> > Hi
> > is it possible to access a char device in xenU ?
> > More precisly i have i tape device in a server and i want to 
> > share it across
> > my different xenU domains.
> No, there's no generic mechanism for sharing char devices. The way in
> which it makes sense to multiplex devices between domains is typically
> very device-secific:
Is it possible to make a scsi device invisible from xen0 and visilbe in xenU
(i'm not talking of a whole scsi card but just one device on the card) ?

> With a dvice like a tape you'd presumably only want to let one domain
> access it at a time, perhaps with a hard interlock as to which tape is
> in the drive. Fortunately, the bandwidth is pretty low, so it's probably
> easiest to setup a network based soloution rather than doing something
> Xen specific. I presume such daemons already exist (?)
Sure something like amanda should work ...

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