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[Xen-devel] [Fwd: Installing from distribution CDs]

  Ian> Have we got concensus about how to handle [initrd patch]

  Anthony> I posted a patch on 2/4.  Does anyone have a problem with
  Anthony> that patch?

I haven't tried the patch yet, but as it's been incorporated into
testing and unstable, it's probably already integrated into my
snapshots.  I'll advise on any breakage, but I anticipate it'll work
fine.  Your previous analysis ("bet if you tried root=/dev/hda1,
/linuxrc will run") proved to be correct for XenCD.

-- jared@xxxxxxxxxxx

"Tiger gotta hunt.  Bird gotta fly.
 Man gotta sit and wonder why, why, why.
 Tiger gotta sleep.  Bird gotta land.
 Man gotta tell himself he understand." -- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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