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[Xen-devel] make install doesn't detect missing prerequisites

I noted a while back that a change in the build scripts had caused 'make
install' to bypass the install.sh script and do the install manually.  I
personally didn't care for the change since it also bypassed the symlink
creation for kernels in /boot.  I noticed today that it also missed a
somewhat important piece since the call to chk is now missing and make
install happily installs even if some important pieces are missing.  For
instance, after a successful call to make install, I ran install.sh and

# ./install.sh
Installing Xen from './install' to '/'...
cp: cannot overwrite non-directory `/etc/init.d' with directory
All done.
Checking to see whether prerequisite tools are installed...
FAILED check_brctl
FAILED check_twisted
Checks failed.
See /home/plars/cvs/xen/xeno-unstable.bk/dist/check/.chkinstall for
All done.

Paul Larson

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