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Re: [Xen-devel] sharing PCI devices

> My Todolist is not finished, because i have on my Wish list an Emulator
> there i can share some PCI devices with them.

What do you mean by "share"?

You can share e.g. a network card using the Xen virtual network interface, a 
disk driver using the virtual block interface.

In the unstable tree there's some support for giving domUs control of 
individual USB ports (like doing USB passthrough in VMWare), although this 
only works for Linux 2.4 at the moment.

Note that you can't have two domains controlling a PCI card directly - this 
will only end in tears.  You have to go through one of the virtual drivers.

> In the Moment i run XEN 
> inside VMware and i want to share the USB Controller simple for testing.

> After them i will install one Debian on a real Hardware there i need to
> share one ISDN Controller ( Fritz Card DSL from AVM ) and one DVB Card
> on virtual Computers.

You can presumably share access to the ISDN controller using virtual network 
devices and NAT.

For sharing the DVB card, you'd need to find some sort of e.g. network based 
solution.  There must be some sort of daemon for streaming video between 
computers that you can use for this.  Just treat it like the VMs were 
separate machines.

> My Problem now, i didn't have really understand how i have write it
> correctly in the Configfile so that Guest Systems have access to the PCI
> Card
> here the simple Config file
> kernel = "/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.10-xen0"
> memory = 64
> name = "sarge-test1"
> nics = 1
> pci = ['x',0000:00:07.2]

I think the correct syntax is:
pci = [ '0x00,0x07,0x02' ]

Note that you _have_ to hide this device from dom0 using the physdev_dom0_hide 
command line option to Xen (or omit the driver for the device from dom0's 
config).  Otherwise, dom0 will try to take control of it.  This is important. 
Allowing two domains to see a PCI device simultaneously can lead to all sorts 
of bad behaviour.

IIRC, the syntax for this is:
but to verify it's worked, you should look for something like "hidden device 
(00,07.2) from domain 0".  If that's not there then it didn't work!

> Maybe somone can help me again, regards Darko


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