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Re: [Xen-devel] hardware-watchdog driver problems in linux 2.6.10-xen0

> > Can you check the user space watchdog daemon is running? (as root)
> User space watchdog daemon? The w83627hf_wdt.ko doesn't need userspace
> daemon, because the watchdog is in the hardware and the w83627hf_wdt.ko
> driver controls it.

You need a userspace daemon to enable the driver and periodically tell it 
things are still OK.  It talks to the driver through /dev/watchdog.

> > You did run this with root privileges, right?
> Yep, I was running it with root privileges.

Strange.  It looks like it should work...

> The first 
> impression was it is xen related because the watchdog should work with that
> driver (according to motherboard vendor's support).

Well it looks like that driver should work fine if the motherboard 
documentation is correct.  Have you looked online to double-check the 
documentation specifies the correct type of watchdog?

> I'll double check/test everything.


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