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RE: [Xen-devel] debian python-install.patch (3 of 5)

On Sun, 6 Feb 2005, Ian Pratt wrote:

> > I don't use the dist target, but I do use the install target,
> > and set DESTDIR
> > to debian/install.
> I'd have no problem with the 'install' target doing something different
> from 'dist'.

That's different from all other build systems I have worked with, and will
cause confusion with random people looking at the source.

> > Well, I need to figure out how that can happen.  I may have
> > to maintain some
> > changes for debian, that make no sense upstream(for instance,
> > disabling the
> > html doc generation, because latex2html is non-free), and
> > this is difficult
> > when everything is in one repo.
> The latex2html issue is easy -- we should check to see whether the
> latex2html binary exists, otherwise skip it.

No, that's not correct.

Even if the latex2html binary exists, you can't call it.  non-free things
could be installed on the build host, but as long as you don't call them, you
don't depend on them.

There should be some kind of configure-like setup.

> > Besides, if the debian bits are added to bitkeeper, then I
> > can't ever check
> > things in to them(I'm not allowed to use bitkeeper, because I work on
> > dpkg-source).
> Eevn if you don't always directly use the debian bits that are in the BK
> repo, I'd like to have them there, and kept fairly up to date.
> Presumably they're not going to change much once they're 'done'?

debian/changelog changes with each upload(version, changelog entry, and

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to keep the debian stuff to myself.  It's
just difficult to integrate with upstream(any upstream, not just xen).

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