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RE: [Xen-devel] debian python-install.patch (3 of 5)

> > Do you use the dist directory for your package build? If 
> not, why do you
> > care?
> I don't use the dist target, but I do use the install target, 
> and set DESTDIR
> to debian/install.

I'd have no problem with the 'install' target doing something different
from 'dist'.

> > If you do, maybe we'll need some flag to change the 
> behaviour. This will
> > all be rather more obvious if we can get the debian package 
> build runes
> > checked into the xen repo.
> Well, I need to figure out how that can happen.  I may have 
> to maintain some
> changes for debian, that make no sense upstream(for instance, 
> disabling the
> html doc generation, because latex2html is non-free), and 
> this is difficult
> when everything is in one repo.

The latex2html issue is easy -- we should check to see whether the
latex2html binary exists, otherwise skip it.

> Besides, if the debian bits are added to bitkeeper, then I 
> can't ever check
> things in to them(I'm not allowed to use bitkeeper, because I work on
> dpkg-source).

Eevn if you don't always directly use the debian bits that are in the BK
repo, I'd like to have them there, and kept fairly up to date.
Presumably they're not going to change much once they're 'done'?


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