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RE: [Xen-devel] debian python-install.patch (3 of 5)

 > > >  --home causes python's distutils to install into
> > > /usr/lib/python/, while
> > >  --root causes it to install into
> > > /usr/lib/python$ver/site-packages, which
> > >  is the more correct location.
> Er, in all packages I have ever used, make dist has given me 
> a tree(which is
> normally placed into a tar by upstream, and 'dist'ributed, 
> hence the name),
> that can then be optionally overlayed ontop an already 
> installed system.

Yes, but its quite usual for bpeople to install Xen on a different
system to which is was built (e.g. our binary install tar file).
Installing into /usr/lib/python/ means that it'll be found on the module
search path, whereas /usr/lib/python$ver/site-packages will only work if
the version is the same.

Do you use the dist directory for your package build? If not, why do you
If you do, maybe we'll need some flag to change the behaviour. This will
all be rather more obvious if we can get the debian package build runes
checked into the xen repo.


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