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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: xen 2.0.x and debian

> > The BASIC problems were that I couldn't get a fat partition on hdb to
> > mount, and alsa wouldn't work. But it goes a bit deeper than that, and
> > I'll explain more if you decide you have any time and would like to help.
> That has nothing specific to do with debian.  The only change I do from
> upstream, is I don't fetch pristine source, but fetch the debian patched
> kernel source, then unapply the debian patch, to get pristine.  I then make
> that tree available as pristine-linux-2.6.10, to fake out the top-level
> Makefile, then call linux-2.6.10-xen.patch.

It actually seems to have something to do with Ubuntu, which I'm told uses the 
same kernel .debs.

I supplied Travis with a config that was basically our xen0 defconfig plus FAT 
support.  He found:
* a XenLinux kernel compiled with it could not mount hdb1 (FAT)
* a vanilla Linux kernel compiled with it could not mount hdb1 (FAT)
* an Ubuntu patched kernel compiled with it *could* mount hdb1 (FAT)

In the cases where hdb1 wouldn't mount there was an error along the lines of 
"hdb1 busy or already mounted".

This really is very bizarre, or we've been missing something silly.  I rather 
hoped somebody here might have a clue.


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