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Re: [Xen-devel] Porting of Guest OS

> The exact error I am getting is: Could not find LABLE=/ and boots in > the "repair filesystem" mode.

that's /etc/fstab allright. Change the line that says LABEL=/ to /dev/sda1. You might also need to remove the line that mounts /boot For kernel-2.6-based or nptl-enabled distro, you also need to remove /lib/tls and /usr/lib/tls on the domain root file system (Xen will tell you to do this when it boots).

Using LABEL=blah requires a) you to set the label on the disk file you created b) you to boot with a suitable initrd (e.g. one that came with your distro) to perform the lookup of filesystem labels.

You will find it easier to get stuff working if you just specify /dev/whatever explicitly in the config file and edit the guest fstab to match.

> The guest OS could talk with the outside world but `xm list` command > shows state as -b--- (blocked) for the domain I am trying to boot.
Is that what "-b---" means? All my virtual domains shows that, and yet they're working perfectly.

If they're not doing work on the CPU at this instant then they're probably blocked - unless they're doing something CPU intensive they'll be in that state a lot.

If you've only got one CPU then you'll never see another domain in the running state - the fact that dom0 is running at this instant implies that the other domains aren't :-)


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