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Re: [Xen-devel] Kernel 2.6.10, reiser4, kernel 2.4.27 cpu load, and mailing list reply-to

Christian Limpach wrote:

On Tue, Dec 28, 2004 at 06:06:39PM +0700, Fajar A. Nugraha wrote:
1.   Is there a way to compile kernel 2.6.10 or 2.6.9-mm1 with xen 2.0?
I tried both (with mkbuildtree from linux-2.6.9-xen-sparse), and both failed (on different places). My primary goal is to use reiser4 on both xen-0 and xen-U kernel, so I'm more
interested in -mm kernel.

The Linux sparse tree in xen-2.0-testing.bk and xen-unstable.bk has
been updated to 2.6.10.  The -mm tree should include support for arch/xen,
and should work on xen-2.0 and xen-2.0-testing.

Which -mm? 2.6.9-mm1 don't have arch/Xen; 2.6.10-mm is not out yet.
Patching 2.6.10 with 2.6.10-rc3-mm failed (many rejects).
Will the sparse tree work for 2.6.10-rc3?

2. If I use kernel 2.4.27 (xen-U), top doesn't show correct cpu usage percentage (idle %, nice %, and so on). It shows either 0% usage on all, or 33% usage each for irq, softirq, and iowait.
Is there a way to fix this? Kernel 2.6.9 shows correct cpu usage.

I tried this (top in Linux 2.4.28) just now and top works except that
nothing ever is accounted as system time, this needs to be fixed.  But
I definitely don't see the only-0%/33% usages like you're reporting.

I use 2.4.27, since 2.4.28-sparse was not in the sparse-tree back then.
I'll try the 2.4.28 on the new xen-2.0 testing.



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