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Re: [Xen-devel] xen 2.0 testing idle_loop -and -03

> hello,
>       I'm playing with xen 2.0 testing. I noticed few issues so far
> 1) extreme slowness

Is this in DOM0 or some other domain? If it looks like I/O slowness,
have any network or disc microbenchmarks (e.g., net/disc bandwidth or
latency) got much worse?

> 2) won't boot on p3 with compiled for for cyrix

Has that ever worked? I did recently fix a problem with
CONFIG_X86_USE_3DNOW, so were you testing a very up to date version of
the repository? If you are totally stuck send me your .config and I
can build and test.

> 3) "idle_loop" gets optimized away

Okay I fixed this now.

I did a push from -testing to teh stable tree yesterday
(v2.0.2). There are already a couple more fixes added to the -testing
tree since then so I expect we will end up doing a 2.0.3 release
fairly soon (there are a few other problems we would like to get fixed
first, so it will probably be early in the new year).

 -- Keir

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